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How to Install Linux Mint!

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After several minutes, you will come to the first install screen:

Choose Language

Choose your language from the drop-down box, and click on the 'Forward' button. Wait for the next screen, shown below.

Disk Setup 01

If you want to put Linux on your hard drive with Windows, then go to the next step in the tutorial.

If you do not have any other operating systems on your hard drive, or have more than one hard drive and you want to put Linux Mint on a different drive than your other operating system(s), then refer to the image immediately below. Choose the 'Erase and use the entire disk' button, and choose the drive you want to put it on from the drop-down box (you can usually find the drive by its size). Then click the install button, and go here.

Disk Setup 02

To install Linux next to Windows on the same hard drive, check the button next to 'Specify partitions manually (advanced)', as shown below, and click on the 'Forward' button.

Disk Setup 03

In the new screen, in the list of partitions, right after your Windows partition highlight 'free space'. Click the 'Add' button.

Disk Setup 04

In the new window, choose 'Ext4 journaling file system' from the drop-down box.

Disk Setup 05

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